Sunday school flashback?

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Oct 09 2005

I never went to a typical Sunday school, mind you. Instead, I went to a Catholic version of it, only it was Monday through Friday. One nice thing of it was that I did have a religion teacher who was on top of this symbolic interpretation thing almost two decades ago. It’s good to see the Scots taking note of it today.

Heroes & villains: Roman Catholic Church and Cllr Maclean (UK – Scotsman):

NB: we know that there are far more worthy heroes than those listed here – doctors, nurses, aid workers, etc. Similarly, murderers, rapists and dictators are indisputably far greater villains. This column does not deal with them. It is designed to honour those who have caused surprise by their actions.

Heroes: Roman Catholic Church — For rather a long time the Roman Catholic Church was, shall we say, a little dogmatic. But now they’re going all wishy-washy and Church of England on us.

The bishops of England, Wales and Scotland have published a pamphlet – “The Gift of Scripture”, it’s called – which explains that some bits of the Bible might not necessarily be the infallible word of an omnipotent God after all. Some bits of it are, in fact, not literally true.

Not the bits about that nice Mr O’Nazareth, you understand, they’re still true. But all that stuff in the Garden of Eden with the magic fruit and talking snake? Not true, apparently – just a bit of fun. Where that leaves the doctrine of original sin isn’t explained in the press release, though I imagine the Vatican’s got that one covered.

But in reality the Roman Catholic Church – its unseemly obsession with sex notwithstanding – has been a fairly cuddly institution for quite a while now. If only someone could mollify the real fundamentalist loonies – those intelligently-designed, enraptured “Christians” whose all-loving God tells them to make war on people half way round the world – I’d be an awful lot happier.

Good golly… A more peaceful world through religious teachings? Add to that a more politically, socially, and culturally just world and I might be compelled to give a hearty “amen” to that.

Peace be with us all, and the sooner the better.

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