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The Yowling mole surfaces!

Just Thoughts | Posted by admin
Nov 22 2005

I think my little mole-friend, pictured here, will have to take over for Miro soon and I’ll have to rename this blog “Digging Under the Fencepost.”

Yes, MNO, I will take a moment to come up for air. I want to publicly thank you for bailing me out as I finish my student teaching. All has gone well, so far. In my current situation, my priorities have shifted slightly and my own, personal life has taken second fiddle to my kids… Actually, I think my life has taken third picolo, off-stage, on reserve stand-by, but that’s okay because I have had a great time so far.

Anyway, I have paid a little attention to the outside world and noticed a few things in the news recently:

  • Bush still can’t keep a straight face when he makes doofus-quality efforts to exit, stage left, only to himself wrestling with a locked door… Must be a metaphor in there somewhere to describe his current political situation.
  • Cheney, and Bush, can fly the bloody-revisionism shirt in a weak effort to claim that their critics are somewhere between free-expression of their rights and treasonous traitors who should be shot at dawn with no last cigarette, but until they have something to revise (say, like, some WMDs from Iraq that they proclaimed would be there waiting for us in huge stockpiles) I think they might need to rethink their attack on their critics

Okay, back into my hidey-hole. This student teaching thing will be done soon… and then I’ll have to look for a job, which should leave me with a little more time to blog. See ya all soon.

Since I am on this mole-kick, I have a favor to ask of Tild’s creative talents: Can you do something with this image?

Like this never happened before

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Nov 14 2005

Oh, look. The local right wing again unleashes one more yawn-inducing self-important bombastic tirade that the MSM is showing its liberal bias because after quoting only from conservative local blogs, they were shamed into a timid capitulation that liberal blogs exist.

Learned Foot, Oppression is thy middle name.

Update: The Learned one missed the point (imagine that), resorts to swearing and name calling (ditto) and thinks I called him opressive. Well, he is, the poor dear, but that’s not how I meant it. I meant to utilize my all-too-liberal sense of empathy to convey that the Yowling crowd feels his pain in being shut out and his only voice symbolically silenced merely by the Strib’s blog columnist acknowledging that liberal blogs exist.

Skin that thin’s gotta burn easily.