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Dec 12 2005

Stand by for an important update from the US DoD (aka MiniPeace)…

Iraqis Want Coalition Vocabulary Change (American Forces Press Service)

Changing perceptions and perspectives here mean changes in vocabulary: “Sunni insurgents” is out, “Saddamists” is in.

American officials here said Iraqi officials have asked by them to stop calling groups opposed to the coalition “Sunni insurgents.” The idea is that a great many Sunni Arabs are moderate and want democracy for Iraq, officials explained.

Coalition officials have hit on the term “Iraqi rejectionists” to refer to those people who want to participate in the election process, but still launch attacks on coalition forces.

Coalition officials also said many Iraqis want to change the perception that all Baath Party members are evil people. Saddam Hussein, of course, ruled through the Baath Party. Iraqi officials maintain that millions of their countrymen and women joined the party simply to get or keep a job.

Coalition officials now are using the term “Saddamists” to refer to die-hard Baathists who want a return to the bad old days of Saddam’s rule, officials said.

Isn’t it nice that the Iraqi officials asked the American officials to change their vocabulary? Now, why wouldn’t the DoD comply? After all, we don’t “torture” people in our custody anymore, but we may “render” them to places that may have a penchant for “aggressively interrogating” people who we have labeled “enemy combatants” because they might have enjoyed too many rights as “prisoners of war.”

Next up: We have never been at war with Oceana. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

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