Switcheroo: The War in Iraq and Public Schools.

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Jan 11 2006

f Republicans treated education like the War in Iraq:

* Funding for the Department of Defense Education would not be an issue. In fact, Bush and Company would clamor for a twenty percent increase and not argue much for a proper or clear accounting of those funds.
* “Support Our Troops Teachers” magnetic ribbons and bumper stickers would adorn cars and SUVs.
* “Freedom Education Isn’t Free” bumper stickers, too.
* “Liberate Iraq Children” signs would pop up on front lawns.
* The White House press secretary would warn the press and the public that criticizing public schools could embolden those who wish to do the United States harm see our children remain ignorant.
* Wingnuts and Republicans would criticize the Left for “not seeing all the good news” happening in Iraq public schools and come within a whisker’s width of calling them traitors.
* Bush, Cheney, and others in the administration would make surprise visits to Iraq public schools to proclaim that all is going well and that soldiers, officers, and other Pentagon employees teachers, administrators and other public school employees should “stay the course.”
* Pentagon Department of Education R&D and analysis would spend what it needed to develop new technologies and tactics to help soldiers and commanders teachers and administrators conduct the war classes.
* Private contractors would be awarded no-bid, high-profit contracts to work in Iraq public schools.

Okay. Upon reflection, maybe those are not really good ideas. Be that as it may, wouldn’t it be nice to hear Republicans and their media supporters demanding a fuller and more comprehensive accounting of the War in Iraq, the president, and the Pentagon as they call for more support and funding for public schools?

Update: Wha-huh-what??? Bloggers are being solicited to write posts favorable of the War in Iraq??? No way!(Thanks to Paul at Eyeteeth for noticing this.)

I’d be willing to write favorably of public schools, if anyone with a checkbook at the Department of Education is reading this… Hello? …Over here… Hello? …Favorable postings on public schools for sale… Hello? …Reasonable rates. I’ll even develop my own material… Hello?

Drat. No takers.

That’s okay. I am not going into teaching for the money, anyway.

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