They got it tough down here in Florida.

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Jan 05 2006

To my fellow Minnesotans: Get a tight hold on your battery-heated thermal socks and Sorel boots before you check this out.

South Floridians advised to protect pets, plants as weekend temperatures plummet (Miami Herald):

Even South Florida can get pretty chilly sometimes.

Want proof? Stick around for the weekend.

Residents may wake up Saturday and Sunday to the coldest temperatures felt in South Florida so far this winter, forecasters said.

The National Weather Service issued a ”special weather statement” warning of near-freezing temperatures caused by a cold front moving today into Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

The possibility of temperatures dipping to the low 40s to mid 30s means owners of plants and pets may want to bring them inside tonight and Saturday night.

Also: Dress the kids in layers before letting them play outside, and consider wearing a sweat shirt for this weekend’s jogs.

”Oh my God, I think I might die if it gets that cold,” said Susan Wilson, office manager at American Pool Service in Plantation.

A warning for “near-freezing temperatures?” “Consider wearing a sweat shirt?” Quick! Close the schools, rush the grocery stores for supplies, and declare the state a disaster area.

Heh. If Wilson thinks the mid-30s will bring her close to death, she should come up for a visit in The Land of Thirty Below.

Weather. It’s all relative, eh?

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