As funny as a crutch.

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Apr 13 2006

Wow. Tracy and his conservative posse of comment writers know how to pick the perfect targets. If they put half the effort toward tackling wasteful military spending, the federal budget would be in surplus.

Moses has us listed for an April Fool’s Joke. Unfortunately, Minneapolis schools are the real joke.

[Full post here. Take a gander at the comments, too. Truly compassionate conservatism at work… not.]

The joke isn’t the Minneapolis public schools, or suburban public schools, or public schools in general. The really sad joke is that too many critics of public education do not direct the same critiques towards other, truly wasteful spending in the public sector or the private sector. The Pentagon and the Robb Report get a free pass while teachers and service sector workers (SEIU members mentioned here) get trounced constantly. If the Anti-Strib was a school playground, these people would be the bullies.

As an argument, “support our troops” goes unquestioned in the land of right-wing criticism. “Support our children” and their future, however, gets scrutinized, criticized and yelled down without much hesitation.

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