Twisting in the wind is not a “turning point.”

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May 22 2006

I’m just saying…

Bush Says Iraq War at ‘Turning Point’ (Washington Post):

President Bush said today the war in Iraq has reached a “turning point” with the formation of a unity government Saturday in Baghdad, but he suggested the conflict may be far from over.

“Our nation’s been through three difficult years in Iraq. And the way forward will bring more days of challenge and loss,” Bush said in an address to a restaurant trade group in Chicago. “The terrorists did not lay down their arms after three elections in Iraq and they will continue to fight this new government. And we can expect the violence to continue.”

Three years, thousands of American and Iraqi lives lost, hundreds of thousands of lives affected, and hundreds of billions thrown into the money pits we call the Department of Defense and arms manufacturers. Attacks still take place. Our troops still have extended tours of duty in the sun and the sand. Iraq still teeters on prolonged sectarian violence at best and civil war at worst. If there is any turning point in this sad situation, I don’t think we have seen it yet.

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