Crazy talk redux.

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Jun 10 2006

Hmmm… Where have we heard this before:

Bush says Iran has “weeks not months” to respond (Reuters):

President George W. Bush said on Friday that Iran has “weeks not months” to respond to a U.S.-backed offer aimed at containing Iran’s nuclear ambitions and said Tehran needs to suspend uranium enrichment.

Bush said if Iran does not suspend enrichment, “there must be a consequence” and that it would be action taken in the U.N. Security Council.

“We have given the Iranians a limited period of time, weeks not months,” to respond to an offer for an incentives package for Iran to ensure it does not pursue nuclear weapons, said Bush.

Is Bush laying the groundwork for another war?

Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s just crazy talk on my part. Bush couldn’t possibly be thinking of invading yet another country, not with his hands full over Iraq and Afghanistan… which just happen to be on either side of…

Okay, hold on here. How about this: The administration knows that the costs of an additional war will be astronomical compared to what we are paying for in Iraq… except that the warmongers of 2003 promised us that the war could be paid for using Iraq’s oil revenues…


Ummmm… Okay, okay, I have it now. Bush wouldn’t dare invade a nation of eighty million who are suspecting such a move… or would he?

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