Onward Christofascist soldiers?

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Aug 05 2006

Although I have greatly hesitated in relishing the thought that the GOP’s political chickens will come home to roost this November, its candidates this year sure don’t make it easy for me to hold back.

Take Duncan Bremer, one of the GOP’s candidates for Congress in Colorado, who has an idea on how the US should conduct its war on terror in the Middle East:

All 6 in GOP back Iraq efforts (Denver Post):

… Bremer, a former El Paso County commissioner, said the war against fanatical fundamentalist Islam should be fought on two fronts: militarily and religiously.

“There’s an aspect of it that people are not willing to talk about, and I am – its religious basis. … Our best hope is that we actually convert them away from their religious fanatical basis,” Bremer said.

He said that would best be accomplished by missionaries of various faiths.

“I’d prefer that they get converted to evangelical Christianity, but my point is that there is a religious battleground and our government is disabled from fighting on that battleground,” Bremer said. …

Such a statement deserves a serious and thoughtful critique. Too bad it won’t come from me, because all I can muster is this: Yeek!

Okay, seriously now: What gets me is that I have heard or read of many commentators on the Right who constantly talk of people who practice the Muslim faith as fanatical, and then without skipping a beat, they make bone-headed statements similar to Bremer’s without noting the irony. I wonder Bremer can spare a moment to explain the difference between his evangelical “religious battleground” and the “religious fanatical basis” al Qaida’s version of Islam? That might help assuage concerns some of us share of a militant form of Christianity developing here in America.

If candidates like Bremer are that out of touch with foreign affairs, I can only imagine that their domestic policy ideas are orbiting some minor moon of Saturn. Case in point: Michele Bachmann was on AM1280 today touting the glories of Bush’s deficit-producing, fiscal reality denying, inflationary tax cuts as some stroke of genius that has given us the economy we enjoy today. It makes you wonder if she noticed the price of gasoline here in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, hovering around $3.00 to $3.20 per gallon.

Yes, indeed, I think it may be a very interesting election season this year. (Dangit… My left foot has started doing a happy dance. I didn’t know that was an involuntary act. Stop that, foot. Wait until the election results come in. Come on, now. Be patient.)

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