Radioactive green rivers, all around.

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Aug 10 2006

Remember those nuclear Republican talking points on nuclear energy, on how it is “clean energy?” Yeah, right, keep thinking that…

Spillages cost nuclear firms £2m fines (Guardian UK):

The operators of two nuclear power plants have each been fined £2m over radioactive spillages, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority revealed today.

The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) was penalised over an incident at Dounreay in Caithness, last September.

And BNG Sellafield was fined for a radioactive leak at its Thorp reprocessing plant in Cumbria, in April last year.

The penalties will be imposed in the form of £2m deductions from money that the authority pays the operators.

Hmmm… if it was “clean” energy, I would think that we could recycle those control rods into playground equipment or something. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking by some people who think that such things as the disasters at Chernobyl or Three Mile Island were isolated incidents and that we could have survived a global thermonuclear war had one occurred during the Cold War years.

The truth of the matter is that nuclear energy is “clean” as long as the radioactive fuel remains contained. When it is released — in the water as it was in the UK, or in the air as it happened when Reactor #4’s roof blew off in Chernobyl — nuclear energy loses that “clean” label rather quickly. In fact, Chernobyl, the nearby town of Pripyat, and an area tens of miles in diameter remain off-limits twenty years since the disaster because of radioactive contamination.

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