If bin Laden is dead…

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Sep 23 2006

Now there’s a frightening prospect for the Bush backers and the Decider himself. If reports that Osama bin Laden is dead prove accurate, none of us would shed a tear. That said, however, his death might provoke many people to interpret it as a sign that the administration’s war on terror is over. If people see the war as over, they will probably wonder why we have troops fighting in Iraq (which we should note didn’t harbor terrorists until we invaded and occupied the country) and Afghanistan… as if people aren’t wondering this already.

Of course, ruminations such as those would put the Perpetual War Party (aka, the Republicans) in a election-year pickle, since they want to play up the need to maintain vigilance in the war on terror over other things, including the economy, civil liberties, health care, education, public infrastructure, and the rest. Now wouldn’t that be inconvenient for them?

The death of one person — even if that person is high-profile — typically doesn’t change things on a macro level very much, but we are not talking about actual strategic situations here. This is about popular perception, which is a powerful force in political considerations and one Republicans would desperately like to control.

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