Posing the important questions.

Posted by admin
Sep 18 2006

Are there really fourteen thousand people today who are so dangerous that the United States needs to keep them in secret prisons with no charges, much less due process, and subject them to torture for the purpose of interrogation until we figure out months or years later that they were no threat when they were swept up and we just dump them back out on the street without so much as a “beg your pardon?”

Now, seriously, can’t we agree that the actions (by our president and his administration) and the inactions (by his lapdogs in Congress) of our current political leaders are worthy of intense questioning and scrutiny, for which the president and his party need to make a much fuller accounting than they have in recent years?

(Brodkorb, I’ll bet you wish you had something other than old traffic tickets and college papers to blog about. Well, welcome to the election year where the issues of the day will most certainly matter. Sorry, but I don’t think you will be able to sling enough mud to distract voters from the Republican party’s years-long record of big-time screw-ups this time around.)

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