Don’t drink and blog.

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Oct 20 2006

Maybe that’s too harsh. Let’s amend that title to read, “Don’t kill a whole bottle of whatever hard liquor you’re drinking and blog.” Why? Well, if you are not careful, you might write stuff such as this sterling example of fell-off-the-wing wingnuttery:

Why Do Polls Sound Like Dems? (The Strata-Sphere):

Mac Ranger has been questioning the polls and the news meme about disgruntled Reps sitting home (if they do, they better not come back expecting a voice at the table – we conservatives will not listen to people who sat and let the Dems take over and destroy all that was accomplished in the last 6 years). Mac is rightfully questioning polls which don’t seem to be measuring reality on the ground. Both he and I herald from blue climates, and neiothr [sic] of us is seeing this blue wave (of course Herndon, VA is a big immigration-issue town).

But I was pondering something that really is a bit of a crazy idea. What if the pollsters have Reps sounding like Dems because a lot of Dems are pretending to be Reps? Sounds stupid – doesn’t it? Except we see Dems pretending to be reps on all sorts of internet polls, call in lines on C-SPAN, call-ins on talk radio, as sock puppets on websites, in push polling, etc. The liberals have a long broad history of trying to trick people by pretending to be Reps. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Liberals are setting themselves up for a huge emotional let down because their idea of influencing an election is trying to trick pollsters! Sadly, this idea doesn’t seem too far fetched.

It’s time to put the cap on the bottle and call it the night, there, AJ.

Let me see if I have this right… Dems are trying to sound llke Reps because Reps are actually going to win but pollsters, sounding like Dems, are painting a picture of a win for Dems but it’s actually going to be a Rep win because Dem pollsters and da Librul Media think Reps will stay home because they are disgruntled but they actually aren’t because AJ and Mac aren’t seeing a blue wave.

Whoa. On second thought, maybe it’s not liquor, but hallucinogens.

Anyone have an aspirin? My head hurts.

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