GOP campaign strategy: When all else fails, resort to gay-bashing.

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Oct 30 2006

Let’s see… What to do… what to do… It must be “hard work” having to find a “strategery” that will help Bush’s party maintain a majority in either house of Congress. They have tried almost everything:

  • Run on the “great” economy? (That’s not convincing many people.)
  • Emphasize the “success” and “good news” from our war in Iraq? (Hard to do with all that bad news — deaths, traumatic woundings, destruction, debt, and the rest — sitting on top of it.)
  • Roll out bin Laden from Cheney’s undisclosed waterboarding location? (Be careful. The Veep might have brought his shotgun along and he looked to be in a crabby mood the last time he popped up for air.)
  • Call for more tax cuts? (Tough to do right now. Most people are still reeling from the past rounds of tax cuts that actually left them with higher taxes — who did those tax cuts go to, anyway? Don’t forget that many, especially fiscal conservatives, are mad enough to spit at the trillions of dollars worth of federal debt those cuts has left.)

Golly-gosh-gee, Mr. President, none of these seem to be working for your party this election cycle. It’s looking more and more as if the Dems are going to take away your Congressional poodle pen.

Well, there’s still one more card you can play:

Bush seizes on gay marriage (Independent, UK):

President George Bush is seizing on a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling this week offering full marriage rights to gays and lesbians in hopes of galvanising the dispirited conservative base of the Republican Party just 10 days from crucial mid-term congressional elections in the United States.

Ripple effects of the ruling, delivered on Wednesday, were being felt in election battlegrounds all across the country yesterday with several independent analysts predicting that it may have given an unexpected boost to many struggling Republican candidates and change the outcome of several key races.

Within hours of the ruling, Mr Bush signalled his intention to highlight the issue during a campaign visit to Iowa. Bringing up the subject unprompted by anyone, he declared: “Yesterday in New Jersey, we had another activist court issue a ruling that raises doubts about the institution of marriage.” Reminding voters of his position that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, President Bush added: “I believe it’s a sacred institution that is critical to the health of our society and the well-being of families and it must be defended.”

Earlier this year, Mr Bush abandoned attempts to force a constitutional amendment through Congress blocking gay marriage because it was falling short of the necessary two-thirds majority.

Whereas gay marriage and family values were centre-stage in the 2004 presidential contest, they had largely faded from view in this campaign season, replaced by deep popular discontent with Mr Bush and in particular the relentless bad news coming from Iraq. The re-emergence of the gay marriage question gives Republicans a chance to change the focus. “Hot button social issues have come alive again. The Iraq issue had taken away from the social issues that religious conservatives wanted to focus on,” said Scott Keeter, research director at the PEW Research Center. “This decision at least gives them a news hook to restart that discussion.”

It could lift the heavy gloom that has settled over the White House in recent weeks as even leading members of the Republican Party have acknowledged that a voter rebellion on 7 November could rob the party of control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate as well, a sea-change that would put a crimp on Mr Bush in the last two years of his second – and final – term.

[full article here]

That’s right, Mr. President, play the homophobia card, emphasize the Democrats’ “homosexual agenda” (What is that “agenda,” anyway? Those Republicans; never much for details or explanations, are they?), and declare that the very fabric of American society will be ripped to shreds if our nation gives the civil and legal rights heterosexual couples enjoy to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals who want to commit to a lifelong, monogamous relationship with others (Eee! Run for the hills! Adam and Steve tied the knot and are as happy as all-let-out! Eee!).

There could be one small problem with this tried-and-true strategy of yours, however, Mr. Bush. This year, people are not willing to be easily swayed by your divide and conquer methods. It could be that they are pre-occupied with more pressing personal matters (y’know, like their credit card debt, sky-high student loans, job insecurities, friends and/or family in Iraq, their children’s futures, the degradation of the world’s environment, their loss or reduction of health care benefits, and so on…)

Don’t fret, though. If gay-bashing doesn’t work, you can always have your Republican lackeys and your friends at Diebold engineer yet another stolen election in Florida, Ohio, Georgia and other states to preserve the GOP’s majorities in the House and Senate. (Better be very, very careful this time, because people are watching the polls likes hawks.)

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