Republicans: The End Is Nigh!

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Oct 02 2006

(Okay. It’s not the end of the Republican party’s dominance at the federal level, but I think you can see it from here. Yep. There it is, just after November 7.)

Talk about “having issues.” The Republican party is trying to play down a whole lot of nasty ones. The chickens aren’t just coming home to roost. They’re borrowing a page or two from Alfred Hitchcock’s script for The Birds. Here’s some thoughts on a couple of the big ones they are facing this week.

Congressional Republican leaders are trying to dodge the fallout of the Foley sex scandal and reports of their lack of action. On C-SPAN, I could have sworn I just heard Speaker Hastert say, and I paraphrase here, that he and the leadership didn’t have any knowledge of this scandal until it broke last weekend and that is the truth because they said so. Ummm… No thanks, Denny. We’ll take a proper and full investigation of this matter over your Sergeant Schultz assertions that you didn’t know nothing.

I think it is safe to say that the Republicans are in danger of losing their status as the “party of family values” this election cycle. Not that I think that their policies have valued families that much, mind you. Add to that a little advice to pundits: Maybe you shouldn’t talk about how the Republicans are the “Daddy” party. It might come across as distasteful to more sensible and sensitive folks.

All humor aside for a moment, this matter is awful and serious on so many levels. Did Hastert and other Republicans really know about this back in 2005? Why didn’t they act back then? Is there going to be an impartial investigation, or, as we’ve seen in the White House, will the watchmen put themselves in charge of looking into this scandal? Already, I have heard the Right-Wing Noise Machine that is talk radio raise a ruckus about how Democrats are trying to capitalize on the scandal in the election. Y’know, if the tables were turned, I would rightfully expect Republicans to do that… oh, yeah, they did seek to capitalize on a sex scandal. It was called Monicagate.


Remember, Dubya. Denial isn’t just a state in Egypt.

President Bush Is having all sorts of trouble defending his administration’s actions and lack of actions regarding the total mess that is our war in Iraq and his incompetent defense secretary. That such a huge disaster could be allow to come into being in the first place, let alone persist for three long, arduous years, is not going to be quickly silenced by a White House press secretary with a list of talking points designed solely to cast aspersions and doubts on the president’s critics. If the war wasn’t started on a stack of lies, if there were not stacks of bodies discovered daily in Baghdad, and if the costs of the war wasn’t being measured in thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars wasted, maybe Tony Snow and the White House Press Office could talk this issue away. Too much has been done, however, and I believe the administration is just now discovering that it painted itself in a corner years ago.

Ask yourselves what changes can Bush and the Republican Congress make, having had complete control for five years. They can’t investigate themselves. Every time they have in the past (especially the White House), it seems that they clear themselves… funny how that happens. Congress is Bush’s poodle pen, where Republican members seem more interested in staying in the good graces of the White House than with their constituents or the Constitution. It is way past time to make some changes in Congress and vote for the accountability of our elected representatives and oversight of our government.

Update 1: Now ask yourselves how bad can it be for Bush when a former president who had a very bad four years of his own chimes in about how bad this president is.

Update 2: Yeah, the Republicans are in deep. I just checked my feeds for the right side of the blogosphere and they are, for the most part, pretty quiet about the Foley scandal. Also, GOPUSA (definitely not a Lefty-friendly site) has posted an UPI (also not friendly to the Left) report titled: Top Republicans knew of Foley e-mails.

Update 3: Newt Gingrich is currently on Sean Hannity trying to blame the Foley scandal on George Soros?

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