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What this blog needs is a set of vibrating duck butts

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Dec 08 2006

For that person on your Holiday gift-giving list who has everything:

Nothing sends a better “all is clear” signal to flying waterfowl than the sight of feeding ducks. And these new Quiver Duck Butts are the easy, effective way to mimic that behavior. They sport a Quiver Magnet H20 permanently mounted in a durable, lifelike closed-cell foam decoy body. Simply turn it on, toss it into your spread and get ready to shoot. The Quiver Magnet creates realistic feeding movement that produces ripples on the water’s surface. Weighted keel with anchor attachment. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Batteries are easily accessible.
Available: Mallard Drake, Mallard Hen.

Dead Chick Friday

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Dec 01 2006

Because it’s been suggested that some of us don’t quite “get” the appeal of looking at half naked bodies of the beautiful people – instead sticking stubbornly to our prudish, nay, puritanical ways – we here at Yowling are going to try to rectify that shortcoming and toss a little partriarchal fashion model sexiness your way. Meet Ana Carolina Reston, Brazilian fashion model with the eyes of a doe and a body to die for.

No, I mean literally die for.

Discovered by the Ford Agency when she was only 13, Ana’s anorexia was used to its highest potential by fashion magazines and designers around the world. Best known for her work with Versace, she was a lanky 5 feet 8 inches tall. First seen at a shopping mall beauty pageant in Sao Paulo, she went on to work with the Ford agency in the United States and the Elite agency in Paris.

Well, that is until she dropped dead on November 15 of this year from anorexia weighing only 88 pounds.

Look for next week’s dead chick Friday, where we profile another fasion victim,Luisel Ramos, who fell ill and died this past August during fashion Week in Mondevideo, Uruguay.